Become a national marketing hub

For the telecom carrier, there is a substantial opportunity to host a data-driven white-labeled digital media advertising national ecosystem catering to the needs of large agencies, national brands and SMEs.

Unlimited growth opportunities - one flexible technology platform.

Until now, under the programmatic paradigm, telecom carriers could (at best) only play a peripheral role (bulk data sales via data management platforms) - The telco-inhoused Infomo solution totally changes this and provides you a valuable and significant opportunity to play a central role in a national telco white labeled national offering.
The key element of future success is legally and in a compliant manner leveraging your data assets. Leveraging your data assets and hosting a white-labeled full scale digital advertising platform offers extensive opportunities to take advantage of the changing landscape of regulation, privacy and consumer trends.

We have developed a flexible technology stack which can be deployed in-house satisfying all data residency and data compliance needs of the telecom environment.

Infomo provides a comprehensive range of full-service advertising solutions tailored to our telco partner's specific needs.

National data-driven marketing ecosystem

Your white-labeled advertising platform leverages rich data you generate to offer a data-driven gateway for large agencies, national brands and SMEs that buy media digitally. In the Infomo model, you will also end up offering your digital marketing gateway to publishers who bring inventory.

New revenue streams

Host and brand a digital advertising ecosystem providing a national alternative to existing cloud based global players in the digital marketing world.

You enter into a multi-year data and media monetization agreement on a revenue share basis and let us do the rest.

Leverage existing assets

The in-housed GDPR compliant solution that satisfies full privacy requirements enables you to legitimately take advantage of your infrastructure and data assets to offer the market a compelling digital marketing ecosystem alternative within the open internet dominated by Google and Google lookalike offerings.

Our success over the years comes from a desire to solve persistent problems and coming up with sustainable, yet innovative solutions.

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