Optimizing spend for media buying

Infomo’s advanced Agency Trading Desk and innovative Customer Data Platform offerings are designed to assist media buyers with AI/ML based capabilities for optimizing media spend.

Search, Social and Programmatic are three disparate channels used for media buying.

The buyer can be a large agency, a brand or a SME. All the same, skill sets needed to successfully plan and execute campaigns across these three separate channels are different.

Each channel has its own reporting and it is virtually impossible to leverage learnings from one channel to another. Further Search & Social are closed ecosystems while programmatic is an open internet value chain.

Getting maximum marketing value for dollars spent requires a unified approach.

Minimum volume of trade requirements and high entry costs have excluded SMEs from leveraging the Programmatic channel relying solely on Search and Social channels.

Our Agency Trading Desk

Infomo offers media buyers an advanced Agency Trading Desk (ATD). This AI/ML driven ATD enables media buyers to execute campaigns across Search, Social and Programmatic Channels from a single gateway window using a fully automated process.

ML capabilities within the ATD enables optimization of media spend to achieve campaign KPIs by concurrently leveraging data from three separate channels. As the offering uses Infomo powered telco DSPs and our own ION Exchange, we remove artificial constraints like volume of trading restrictions. This will enable SMEs to leverage our Programmatic offering along with their existing Search and Social channels.

Data from your past campaigns are ingested and the ML engine is primed to predict based on past results. It learns from every campaign and insights from one campaign are used into the next. The automated “transparent” process handles everything from media planning to campaign execution and optimization of spend. With machine learning, larger datasets can be leveraged for optimization using ordinary ad-ops skill-sets.

Enriched data from social and search can be utilized for more cost-effective media buying from programmatic channels.

Ability to track unified reach and performance across multiple channels.

Part of an integrated global ecosystem offering reach, control & transparent data management.

Our Data Driven ML Ad-Tech Customer Data Platform

Our innovative Customer Data Platform offers a convenient option to execute data-driven media buying integrating 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data sources, real time bidder data streams, static data from CRM systems and any authentication and behavioral data like impressions & clicks.

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