Infomo has successfully released data-driven ad-tech national ecosystem platform offerings to address digital marketing needs of media buyers (agencies/brands/SMEs), media sellers (various types of publishers) and data providers (telecom carriers).

What We Deliver

We are committed to delivering innovative advertising ecosystems for agencies, brands and SMEs that tap into the unique power of telco data insights, to deliver relevant, contextualized campaigns across various types of digital publisher assets.

Our in-housed customer data platform and demand management platform help you to truly leverage the potential of your data assets enabling you to offer a white-labeled automated national media buying solution that supports the media buying needs of large agencies, national brands and SMEs generating entirely new revenue streams.

No matter if you're sourcing digital advertisements directly from agencies and/or brands or if you are leveraging the demand partners from the programmatic channels across the open internet, our solutions will enhance your reach, maximize your yield and provide you rich first party user engagement data.

If you're sourcing digital media from Search, Social and Programmatic channels, our solutions will help you optimize media spend using automated machine learning processes. We do not have any volume of business entry conditions offering our solutions to large agencies, national brands and SMEs.